St. Patrick’s Day Kitsuke

On St. Patrick’s Day, my Japanese friend Eri came over my house to see my kimono collection. We ended up dressing her in my favorite kimono, seen previously in this post. This time we used a beige/cream obi with a motif of musicians playing what looks like a Biwa. It was the first time I had ever dressed someone in kimono; I was so nervous!!! It was a little small, and I fudged up a bit in several areas. I managed to not only make the ohashori (waist fold) all wrinkly, but I also seem to have twisted the obiage all up as well as make the haneri almost non-existant! I have no idea how that happened. Ah well, live and learn, right? I think we managed to make it presentable in the end 😉

Eri looks so much prettier in kimono than I do, I’m so jealous!!! I think these photos show off the true colors of the kimono, which was too dark-looking in my previous photos of it. My grandmother’s apron makes another appearance in the picture above, as Eri stayed for dinner with my family. We ate corned beef and cabbage with soda bread…can you tell my family is Irish?

I used my Shou-Chiku-Bai (auspicious design of pine, plum, and bamboo) motif nagajuban for this kitsuke. I love the collar on this one, it was my first embroidered haneri (colorful juban collar) and it came with the juban. Unfortunately whoever had sewn it on had apparently not been using a collar stiffener and sewn the haneri too far from the edge of the juban, so I had to do a little last-minute DIY that had the unintended effect of making the collar slip everywhere! So you can’t really see the wonderful embroidery in the regular photos.

Eri is really such a fun and wonderful person, with a wild funky side that makes her so fun to be around! I’m so glad she let me dress her in kimono. I’m currently trying to convince her to go out in the town with me in kimono, which would be a first for both of us. Hopefully I can convince her!


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