Headphone Obi Project

So I decided to convert my black mofuku obi that I wore in this post to something a little less funeral-specific and usable for every-day wear.

I used a Tulip: Fashion Grafitti brand stencil for the headphone design, and Deco Fabric brand metallic fabric markers in Silver and Pearl Black. They were surprisingly easy to use, didn’t run or dry out, and had great coverage. Plus, since its marker, the fabric only has the slightest stiffness where the color is. It took about 6 days in all to complete since it takes 72 hours to dry in-between coats, and I used two.

Thanks to the lovely folks over on Immortal Geisha Forums, I’ve decided to add a cord coming from the headphones that wraps around and plugs into a boombox on the front of the obi. This is still to come, as I have yet to order the stencil for the boombox offline…I buy so many new kimono and accessories that I end up not having any money left over haha!

I plan on using this obi as a part of a chic gothic/punk outfit that is almost complete. Just need a juban for the kimono now…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I love what you have done to this obi. Such an unlikely design to put on one but it works so well and is very well done

    1. Thank you! I wanted something to match a kimono that I plan to wear in a more modern punk-style and thought that headphones were a suitable motif. I have plans to modify more things in the near future, in particular a pre-tied obi and a komon kimono.

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