Batik Yukata 3/9/10

This was in March, and I was wearing yukata in winter/spring because it was 70 degrees Fahrenheit after a week of the weather being freezing rain and snow. (Yukata are supposed to be worn in the summer time) I could have even worn a ro kimono, it felt so hot! I seriously felt like walking around in a tank top and shorts. This is also when I first got my hair cut into the style it is currently….short and spiky, which I love and is simple to care for.

This is my favorite yukata…big and bold with an unusual motif combination…gigantic daisies and bamboo! It’s also a batik fabric, which makes it special for me since I love doing batik and find it really fun to dye fabric. That combined with the unusual colors is what make me love this yukata to bits!

This was my first hakata obi. (Hakata is a special type of weave. The pattern most associated with it is called kenjo-gara, and is an abstract representation of Buddhist priest’s instruments) The kenjo-gara motif seems rather plain and simple compared to others, as it appears to be just a line of blocky abstract patterns, but what’s so great about it is that it goes with just about everything. That includes formality, as hakata does not have a set formality level in the kimono world….the weave can be worn in both formal and casual situations. Because of it’s great versatility, it is a favorite of many kimono-wearers and highly coveted.

On another note, I feel that this is my most successful pairing coordination-wise so far, I love how everything matches while standing out in its own way.

This was was also my first time ever wearing geta, a wooden sandal with two “prongs” jutting out from the sole. I discovered that they’re really fun to walk in! The “click clack” sound they make as you walk is so unique, and it feels really strange….I also realized that when it comes to me and stairs, the geta definitely should come off before attempting to climb up or down! That day, I learned two things: (1) If you’re not careful when wearing geta, you can fall down several flights of stairs, and (2) Geta and the clay formed after a heavy snow do not mix very well. Despite these two set-backs, however, I feel that it was a very successful kitsuke adventure!

(I couldn’t resist pulling a “Captain Morgan”!)


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